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Through the Lens DVD
Through the Lens DVD selected images
Annual Vineyard Calendar 2014
Annual Vineyard Calendar 2015
Menemsha Glow Poster
PHOTOS Alternative Culture
PHOTOS Animals
PHOTOS Baseball and the METS
PHOTOS Bob Marley
PHOTOS Carly Simon
PHOTOS City Life
PHOTOS Grateful Dead
PHOTOS Historic Images
PHOTOS Led Zeppelin 75
PHOTOS Legendary People
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PHOTOS Peters latest picks 2009
PHOTOS Peters picks 2013
PHOTOS Recent Island Images
PHOTOS Reggae Music and Jamaica
PHOTOS Screen Saver Images
PHOTOS Seascapes
PHOTOS Still Life and Flowers and Foliage
PHOTOS Sunrises and Sunsets

Through the Lens DVD (1)
Peter Simon's newest project- "Through the Lens - Celebrating 50 Years of Personalized Photojournalism"!
Through the Lens DVD selected images (210)
Annual Vineyard Calendar 2014 (1)
The 26th year of this venerable and unique Vineyard Calendar.
Annual Vineyard Calendar 2015 (1)
Three well-received books written or co-authored by Peter - with photographs of course!
Menemsha Glow Poster (1)
Every once and a while, Peter takes some time to go through old negatives or prints that he never paid much attention to in the past. It's amazing what diamonds in the rough he finds! Peter has posted a handful of these images 'from the vault' for your viewing pleasure.
Peter's best sellers ready for framing
PHOTOS Alternative Culture (46)
Mostly during the 60's and 70's, Peter lived on the cutting edge of what was then called the "Alternative Lifestyle." This series of photos shows people living communally, seeking spiritual awakenings, and exploring various aspects of psychadelia. And the beat went on....
PHOTOS Animals (50)
This is a nice slection of photos that Peter has taken through the years of various animals which grace the landscape. Animal lovers, delight!
PHOTOS Baseball and the METS (23)
Peter has been a die hard baseball fan since 1950, and a die hard Mets fan since their inception in 1962. During the glorious mid 80's Peter travelled around with the team while compiling pictures for his 1987 book celebrating their 25th anniversary. Since then, Peter has followed the team relentlessly, with some photo opps here and there. Check this section out if you just love the Mets, regardless of rational thinking.
PHOTOS Bob Marley (21)
Peter was lucky enough to travel around within Bob Marley's inner sanctum during the late 70's, while documenting reggae music for a book called "Reggae Bloodlines." Although that book is long out of print, these images of Bob linger on, as his legendary status continues to grow.
PHOTOS Carly Simon (33)
Carly has been Peter's sister for many years. He is proud to share with you just a small sample of all thentreasured images he has captured of her, both on stage, and in private, unusual spaces.
PHOTOS City Life (17)
Although Peter now lives on the tranquil Island of Martha's Vineyard, these harsh, allienating glimples of urban decay are still timeless reminders of the struggle to survive with the concrete.
PHOTOS Grateful Dead (30)
This is a collection of Peter's best work while touring around with the Grateful Dead, one of his all time favorite bands. Many of these images have been published in books, newspapers and magazines, and in CD booklets, etc. The value of these shots continues to grow.
PHOTOS Historic Images (54)
An ardent photojournalist since the mid 60's, this selection of images highlights many of Peter's captures while working for various newspapers and magazines during the turbulant political and cultural changes of the late 60's to mid 70's. Peter still takes an iconic historical shot these days, but most of this section deals with the times when they were a-changin'.
PHOTOS Led Zeppelin 75 (15)
Peter went on tour, briefly, with Led Zeppelin in the Spring of 1975 in Southern California. He was working with Stephen Davis for an article for the Atlantic Monthly. Although the story never ran, many of these photos surfaced in the book "Hammer of the Gods." And just now, a new book detailing that year even more intensely, our new collaboration, has just been published. It's called "LZ - '75" from Gotham Books! Peter's iconic shot of Robert Plant flailing his arms while exclaiming "I Am a Golden God" remains one his signature pieces.
PHOTOS Legendary People (124)
Through the years, Peter has had many rare photo opps with some of his favorite famous people. His casual and natural photojournalistic style gives a warmth and intimacy to many of these images - both new and old. Some personalities in this category have their own sections as well (carly, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and Led Zeppelin). Otherwise, this selection represents some of Peter's iconic images of those celebrated people that Peter admires the most.
PHOTOS Miscellaneous Travel (8)
Although Peter tends to stick close to home these days, he has managed to travel a bit overseas, to the tropics and points in between. Here is a nice sample of his pictures taken while "on the road."
PHOTOS Peters latest picks 2009 (29)
2009 has been a very active year for Peter, as you will see. Many of these new images are now being made publicly available for the first time.
PHOTOS Peters picks 2013 (56)
Here is a selection of some of Peter's favorite photographs from this past year. Some of them are just personal snapshots that he wants to share, while others might be worth considering for purchase. The choice is yours!
PHOTOS Recent Island Images (65)
Since the release of Peter's screensaver CD in 2005, Peter, not surprsingly, has continued to take stunning Island scenics almost non stop. This grouping basically updates the inventory from 2006 through 2008. We ahve recently added photos from 2009 as well - but not exclusively those from the Vineyard only.
PHOTOS Reggae Music and Jamaica (136)
Aside from Peter's treasure Isle of Martha's Vineyard, his home away from home is in Jamaica. He has published 3 books about the music and culture from the land of Jah. Recently updated, here are some of the everyday images of the colorfilled fragrant life and sounds of that Island.
PHOTOS Screen Saver Images (125)
In 2005, Peter released a two CD package called "Vineyard Sights and Sounds." It consisted of a music CD and a screensaver CD. The photos used in the screensaver are all shown here. Unfortunately, the CD is no longer available, but the photographs, a nice selection of everyday life on Martha's Vineyard, linger on.
PHOTOS Seascapes (54)
The ocean has always fascinated me. Luckily, I live within a few miles of some of the most dramatic shorelines in the world. Here are some of my favorite captures for you to savor.
PHOTOS Still Life and Flowers and Foliage (54)
This little grouping consists of those types of photos I like to take occasionally that seem like timeless moments that might last for eternity, without anything moving an inch!
PHOTOS Sunrises and Sunsets (59)
It seems pretty easy to take a sunset or sunrise shot, but it actually is hard to raise the bar a bit higher than the your ordinary cliche type of image.clouds, sky, surrounding detail, composition and lens choice all come into play. Check these out!



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