Back to my Roots! - Photos by Peter Simon

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Peter Tosh's daughter Niambe, an educator from Boston, Massachusetts, received the posthumous 'order of merit' - the country’s third highest honor - on behalf of her late father during an annual national awards ceremony on the lawns of King’s House, the residence of Jamaica’s governor general. Junior Murvin, he of 'Police and Thieves' fame, belts it out at Pegasus Hotel gala. Herbie Miller, Peter Tosh's former manager, poses with Niambi at the Pulse club. Sister Carol made a surprise appearance, brought on stage by Andrew. Toots, Niambe and Tosh1 cozy up at gala reception after the ceremonies at King's House in Kingston. Sons and daughters of Peter Tosh from various mates all gather at after party at Villa Ronai in a Kingston suburb. Two of Jamaica's top models scan through my most recent book about reggae. Group shot outside of original Wailer's home Bunny Wailer (far right). Fred Locks, someone I photographed 34 years ago for 'Reggae Bloodlines,' hangs out a rehearsal studio/bar in the inner city. Bunny Wailer's daughter Sensi Love, rehearses with Tosh1 at Irace studio. The Mighty Diamonds were the biggest crowd pleasers at the Tosh commemorative concert at Pulse. Junior Reed at the Pulse club. Legendary horn player Dean Frazier leads the performance at Pulse with Tosh1 and members of the Tamlins. Earl 'Chinna' Smith lays down sweet licks at a local recording studio. Once a thriving music store, Prince Busters place lies dormant near the parade section of Kingston. John Holt at a reggae concert at the Pegasus hotel, honoring former prime minister Edward Seaga. Former prime minister Edward Seaga takes in the scene at a gala concert announcing the release of a fantastic boxed set of his personal favorite tunes through the history of modern Jamaican music issued by VP records. Famous 'dub poet' and radio DJ Mutabaruka. Frederick 'Toots' Hibbert also walk away with an award, the 'Order of Jamaica.' Niambie proudly displays the medal of honor. On the outside listening in is one of the survivors from Trenchtown in front of the marque. Bunny Wailer's son performs classic tunes Wailers tunes at the Pulse club. Pinchers riveted the crowd at Pulse. Andrew Tosh gave a sterling performance at Pulse club. A pause that refreshes at 'Inna De Yard,' a reggae hang out owned by Chinna Smith.