New for Old 2012 - Photos by Peter Simon

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'The Beast' - Led Zep's drummer, LA, 1975. Toots tokes big time in Kingston Jamaica, 1982. Bob Marley warms up for One Love concert, 1978. Jerry Garcia on pedal steel with David Nelson of NRPS at MIT, 1970. Bob Weir and Micky Hart talk shop with Sly Dunbar in Jamaica, 1981. James and Carly backstage at MSG, 1979. Carly and Ram Dass on the Vineyard, 2000. Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger at Boston peace rally, 1967. Judy Collins at Newport Folk Festival, 1967. Chuck Berry be good, NYC 1985. Jackson Brown in Central Park, 1979. JT at Stonewall Beach, 1977. What, me worry? Paul Simon, 1972. Pet Townshend interviews for Crawdaddy magazine in NYC, 1968. Ry Cooder in NYC, 1979. Father & Daughter Raitt, 1978. Allen Ginsberg with Ram Dass in California, 1974. Neil Young in San Fransisco, 1975. Jim Morrison on a moonlight drive in Allston, Mass., 1967. Jerry and Bob on stage in Jamaica, 1982 The Dead jam with Nicky Hopkins at Kezar Stadium in SF, 1975. Looking for the Promised Land, 1979. Richard Nixon with Keith Hernandez and grandson, 1986.