Peter Simon's wedding photography reflects his decades of experience in photojournalism and cinéma vérité. Besides all the traditional "photo-ops," he's always looking for the unusual angle, behind-the-scene glimpse, or spur-of-the-moment candid that reflects the sense of humor, celebration and timelessness of your special day.

Wedding Photography Rates

The first hour is $1000 and every subsequent hour is $800 for an unlimited amount of exposures. You will receive a CD-R of all edited images that is suitable for emailing and making prints up to 5"x7". In addition, for every paid hour you receive a free 8"x10" print.

The average wedding is four to six hours including ceremony, reception, dinner and dancing.

Client receives:
(1) two sample 8 X 10 prints including slight photo shopping and color correcting.
(2) a CD-R of all selected photos, useable for emailing, and prints up to 5 X 7. An additional charge of $1000 will be added for customers wishing a high resolution disc.

Custom Prints:
8"x10" - $50,  13"x19" - $95,
16"x22" - $140.
A 10% discount on orders over $350.